A Brief History of Online Gambling

Online gambling first got up and running in the mid-1990s. Although gambling has long been a popular pastime around the world, it wasn’t until the technological boom in the 1990s that it became possible across the internet.

Starting Point

The first internet sites started to appear in late 1995. It’s difficult to know which site first appeared as there are several different accounts out there. However, it’s widely regarded that Inter Casino and Micro gaming were the first two online casino operators that appeared. Whichever order the sites appeared, by the start of 1996, these were the first two online casinos on the market.

From here, there was massive growth in the online casino world. By the end of 1996, there were almost 20 different online casinos, and by the end of 1997, that number was over 200. By the year 2000, the number of online casinos was too hard to count, and the revenue that they created around the world was well over $5bn.

Despite the fast level of growth, it wasn’t the same landscape that people see in modern online casinos. It was mainly online poker that was available to players. The Micro gaming Poker Network was widely regarded as the biggest online poker provider for quite a long time. However, this ended up shutting down in 2020.

New Innovations

After online casinos started to become popular, it was only a matter of time before players had access to an online sports book. Inter Tops was the first online sports book to be available to players, but it didn’t take long before traditional bookmakers joined it. William Hill and Ladbrokes started up their own sports books, and they were followed by new solely online bookmakers such as Paddy Power and Bet365.

The online sports book world managed to grow at an even faster rate than the online casino world. It wasn’t long before the revenue for online sports betting managed to overtake that of traditional sports betting.

Casino Games

The first online casino sites were quite limited in terms of available games. Players were able to play some simple video slots, online poker, and online blackjack. This changed significantly as software developers got used to developing for the online world.

This was partly because the first online casino sites required a download for players to be able to use the site. This would then work as a link to the online casino through their computer. It created a hub for players to try all of the different games that were available on the site.

This changed when flash games could be played within a web browser. It meant that the games could be developed to use directly on the site without any need for downloads. As such, developers were able to create new and better games for players. The most significant development was in the form of video slots. Thousands of new video slots were developed each year, and it’s now, without a doubt, the biggest genre of casino game that is available on the market.

It wasn’t just slots that saw a significant increase in quality and quantity, though. Blackjack and poker games both saw substantial increases in the quality that was offered to players. There were also additional types of casino games created, such as baccarat, roulette, and even other games such as Andar Bahar. It wasn’t the development of the standard software that really pushed things forward for players who enjoy table games at online casinos, though.

Live Video Streaming

This was possibly the biggest development in the world of online casino games within the last ten years. The ability to link live video and online casino software created live dealer games. These games make it possible for players to play a table game with a real-life dealer carrying out the instructions on the screen.

Live dealer games provide a much more immersive experience than standard online casino games. They can even be combined with VR headsets to create a true home casino experience. This has helped to make online casino games much more appealing to players.

HTML5 Keeping Casinos Modern

One of the biggest aspects of the development of online casinos in recent years has been the move to mobile gaming. With mobile gaming being a big part of daily life for many people, it’s not a surprise to see that online casinos and sports books have made the move into this world.

This is partly because online casino game developers have started to use HTML5 as a development environment. This was an important milestone because not all Flash games were compatible with mobile devices. HTML5, however, is compatible across a range of different platforms. It means that it can be used on desktop computer browsers and mobile browsers.

This has provided online casino players with far more choice than they have ever had. It hasn’t ended there, though.

Global Online Casinos

This is the latest development in the world of online casinos. For a long time, using an online casino within the US, for example, was illegal. This all changed when a Supreme Court case meant that individual states would be able to offer online gambling services to players. While it took some time, the majority of the states within the US now offer online gambling to players. This has caused a boom period for online gambling as a new, significant market has appeared and helped to grow worldwide revenue.

The advent of the US market is very significant for players for two reasons. Firstly, US players will have the opportunity to play at online casinos legally for the first time. This is important for them as it offers them the chance to play in a safe and secure manner.

Now, we are seeing more and more acceptance of online gambling in countries where, until recently, it would have been considered impossible. Search for 온라인카지노 (online casino in Korean), for example, and see just how many sites are now operating across the globe.

Secondly, it means that there’s the opportunity for the largest market in the world to become involved for the first time. This could allow for more innovations and investments to be made, which could lead to many more high-quality games appearing over the next few years.